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So here it is…….

So here it is the end of Fired Up Theatre’s performing season, we have completed our tours for this year and are planning the next.

  Preparing for another encounter with The Fell Walker.

However I am still busy finishing projects in the run up to the festive season,  which is mainly writing the book for I am Words project, a book for new writers with exercises to get started in their writing. The book builds on the workshops I ran in the summer and is based around Tamworth although it could be used in any town.

I am writing up the exercises and editing the pieces that were submitted by the people who took part.

I will keep you upto date with progress.

  I am Words 


My head is always full of ideas these days, now I am free to focus on my creative practice, my mind never seems to rest. This means that I find it difficult to read for any lenght of time. I have tried to engage with several writers and novels but my mind drifts and I loose the plot…… So to speak!

Something to think about…..

Along with putting a poetry set together for two bookings I have already in the diary and others that are in discussion.  I must admit that up until now I tend to decide what to read on the night, having heard the tone and themes of the evening from the other poets. But with these new bookings I am the only poet and I have an hour in which to present my thoughts on poetry.

I am really looking forward to  putting this together.

Right I shall now grab a beer and attend to my thoughts.

So here it is…….. Merry Christmas to you all.


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